Natural Cold Remedies for Kids

| 11/22/2011 4:09:58 PM

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Cold and flu season is upon us. Though we try to practice healthy habits to fend off illness (washing hands thoroughly, directing a cough into the crook of the elbow, etc.), colds usually catch up with us at least once during the season. I always feel particularly bad for kids when they are battling a cold. Children are usually so vibrant, and when they are down, they are really down.

There are several ways to ease the symptoms and lessen the duration of your child's cold. All of these methods are also safe for babies and toddlers, unless otherwise noted. Mom and Dad can benefit from them, too!

11-22-2011-child hugging their dogAt The Onset of an Illness 

Kids (especially babies) have a strange way of carrying on as normal, even when they are clearly sick. They also tend to have a change in symptoms very quickly, such as spiking a fever or feeling run-down when just minutes before they appeared to be fine. Remember to push fluids to avoid dehydration and let them get as much sleep as they need. Keep an eye on fevers, especially in newborns and infants. But remember that a low-grade fever is simply a sign that the body is fighting off an infection, and does not necessarily require medicines. Lukewarm baths usually do the trick.

Help kids fight colds by encouraging plenty of rest. Photo by mollypop/Courtesy Flickr 

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Yes that’s right that taking a lot of rest can help a great deal in recovering from cold sooner. When you feel that your child is suffering from cold, ask them to take rest and take a shower. This can help them to feel fresher. If your child cannot take shower, ask them to use the best deodorant for kids so their body won’t release any odor.

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