Repair Chlorine-Damaged Hair In Your Kitchen

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Sometimes there is only one cure to a hot summer day: a nice dip in the swimming pool. However, this escape from the sweltering temperatures can cause problems for your hair later on down the road.

Chlorine is added to water in a swimming pool to prevent the growth of harmful substances, such as bacteria. However, while it’s at work killing germs, it is also killing your hair’s health status. Chlorine strips hair of its natural oils, which are there to protect hair from damage in the first place. Without oil, hair can become dry, frizzy and brittle. Repeated exposure to chlorine can cause even more damage by injuring hair follicles, which can lead to hair breakage.

There’s no need to turn in your pool pass, however. There are many at-home solutions you can make with ingredients right out of your kitchen cabinets.

The protein in an egg is what makes this dairy product great for hair care.
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Raw eggs. Yup, the “Incredible, Edible Egg” is even more incredible than you thought. Eggs are made almost entirely of protein, so they can help strengthen the hair shaft and make hair silk and shiny.

Egg Hair Treatment 

• 1 egg
• 1 tablespoon honey
• 1 tablespoon plain yogurt

1. Crack the egg into a bowl. Mix with a fork.

2. Add yogurt and honey to the bowl. Mix well.

3. Pour the mixture onto clean, damp hair.

4. Massage into the hair, and place hair into a plastic shower cap.

5. Let egg mixture sit in hair for 30 minutes.

6. Rinse the egg mixture out of the hair with cool water. Style hair as usual.

Applying vinegar to the hair cleanses it and adds a radiant shine.
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Vinegar. Vinegar will remove any buildup on your locks that substances, such as chlorine or commercial hair products, have left behind. It will also add the shine back to your hair.

Vinegar Hair Treatment 

• 2 cups cider vinegar
• 10 drops of an essential oil of your choice (example: lavender, lemon, or rosemary)
• 1 cup water

1. Put apple cider vinegar into a glass bottle or jar that has a lid.

2. Add the essential oils of your choice, and mix the solution together.

3. Cover the glass jar, and allow the mixture to blend for one to two days.

4. After it has blended, mix 1/2 tablespoon of the vinegar mixture with 1 cup of water.

5. Rinse hair with the mixture right after shampooing.

Mayonnaise can do more for you than just add flavor to your
favorite sub. It can also help replenish your hair.
Photo by Jeffrey Beall/Courtesy

Mayonnaise. This sandwich condiment is good for your hair much like the egg is. Mayonnaise is actually made from eggs, so it contains protein. This helps fortify each strand of hair, making them less vulnerable to breakage. The oil in mayonnaise helps replenish your hair’s natural moisture.

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment 

• 2 tablespoon mayonnaise
• Towel
• Plastic bag

1. Wet hair with warm water, and wrap your hair in the towel until mixture is ready.

2. Scoop mayonnaise into a bowl.

3. Apply mayonnaise liberally to the scalp, rubbing it in with the fingertips.

4. Apply more mayonnaise to hair strands until all of the hair is coated.

5. Wrap plastic bag around the hair.

6. Leave the mayonnaise on for 20 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

Now you can add another item to your list of reasons why you love olive oil.
Photo by R.B. Boyer/Courtesy

Olive oil. Olive oil is great for chlorine-damaged hair, because it adds moisture back to your locks, leaving them soft and shiny once again.

Olive Oil Hair Treatment 

• 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
• Shower cap
• Towel

1. Pour olive oil into a microwave-safe bowl.

2. Heat in the microwave for 20 seconds, or until warm.

3. Place a towel over your shoulders to protect your clothing.

4. Put a small amount of olive amount into your hand, and massage it into your hair. Repeat until the hair is entirely covered with olive oil.

5. Cover hair with a shower cap.

6. Leave olive oil in your hair for 30 minutes.

7. Then, shampoo and condition as usual.  

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