Skin Deep: Protect and Preserve Your Skin With 7 Herbal Treatments

Easy herbal treatments to protect, preserve

| March/April 1997

Skin Care Treatments: 

These formulas are suitable for both men and women, and they can be made using supplies from your kitchen. On one shelf devoted to skin care, I keep several 1/2-cup to 1-quart, temperature-resistant glass bowls; small and large whisks and spoons; wooden ice cream sticks; and sanitized empty jars with lids. A small food processor or chopper and plastic bags also come in handy.

• Cleanser for Normal Skin 
• Cleanser for Oily Skin 
• Cleanser for Dry Skin 
• Pore Tightener 
• Hand Mask 
• On-the-Go Bath Bag 
• Muscle-Saver Bath Bag  

Some days, it doesn’t seem like your skin stands a chance. Smog, polluted water, overexposure to the sun, and other environmental factors conspire against a rosy glow, as do poor diet, lack of rest, and stress. Faced with such obstacles, how can you create, maintain, and protect healthy skin?

Herbal treatments may offer a safe, effective route to a wholesome complexion. Each herb contains different chemical constituents, meaning that, with a little study, you can create a treatment that’s not only easy and inexpensive to make, but also fits your individual skin-care needs.

Analyzing The Surface

Whether a person’s skin is oily or dry depends to some extent on heredity and age. A teenager, whose oil glands are especially active, normally has much oilier skin than an elderly person. However, a person’s skin also can become oily or dry as a result of environmental factors or stress, or even from a poorly designed skin-care regimen. Fortunately, skin imbalances can be corrected. We know, for example, that our skin needs a balance of oil and water to provide a smooth surface; requires proteins such as collagen for support; and depends on a slightly acidic skin surface to keep harmful fungi and viruses in check. By recognizing your skin’s needs, you can select the appropriate herbal treatment to keep the skin in balance.

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