In Basket: November 2010

| October/November 2010

Dear Herb Companion,

IT WAS FUN to see the recipe for Berry Freezer Jam in the September 2010 article “Healing By Way of Berries.” My grandmother always called this Bumbleberry Jam. Her reason was that these berry bushes were frequented by bumblebees, not honeybees. Thanks for the memory! I continue to make this from the fruit on my bushes. You can even substitute seasonal berries. 

—Mary Lynne Farrell, Elk Rapids, Michigan

I AM SURE WHEN you receive an envelope, it is more often than not a query letter or submission. However, in recognition of National Poetry Month, I would like to share this little poem with you, no strings attached:

Hummingbird’s Wings
If we could move our souls
to forgiveness
like the hummingbird’s wings,
hate would disappear,
evaporate like a morning mist.

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