In Basket: March 2010

| February/March 2010

Dear Herb Companion,

I am looking for chocolate basil. Do you know of it?

—Robin Brann, Litchfield, Maine

Check out Jim Long’s response in his “Down to Earth” column. —Eds. 

Your Favorite Seed Catalogs

In our January 2010 article “Herbie’s Favorite Seed Catalogs” we asked for your additional favorites:

I’ve been buying Bountiful Gardens ( ) seeds for about three years and love everything about them. The catalogs are unusually informative about seed needs, and the seed packets are generous. They offer organic veggie and herb seeds, plus ancient wheat, wildflower, tree and shrub seeds. 

—Reba Johnson, Redwood Valley, California

Companion Plants ( ) has a lot of rare herbs and every plant I’ve ever received from them has been wonderful!

—Heather Brown, Butler, Pennsylvania

elderberry, echinacea, bee hive


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