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Product Review: Creating Custom Garden Spaces

by Taylor Miller

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TaylorThe Herb Companion has an impressive 20-year history, and a celebrated staple in our magazine is the department "Garden Spaces, which features beautiful illustrations and detailed maps to get your gardening started with inspired and efficient designs.

When I pieced together the book Creating Custom Garden Spaces last year from our dozens of magazines, it was packed with 20 intricate designs, charts, gardening tips and tricks and some conventional wisdom passed down through the years on the myriad uses of herbs. 

I was so animated by this process, that I was able to easily reproduce one of the larger designs, the Mexican herb garden, in my backyard. I have reaped both reward and regard from it.

mexican garden
This four-square garden contains all the bold flavors that have made Mexican food wildly popular.
Illustration by Gayle Ford

The designs are fully customizable and can be adapted for any space large or small. You’ll read about companion planning, building raised beds, and the library of medicinal uses your new plants will provide for you; it is really an excellent resource, and while I may be biased, I think it will make an important and unique addition to your herbal library.

Here’s a peek at just some of the designs in Creating Custom Garden Spaces:

• Mexican herb and green salad food gardens
• Medicinal herb gardens
• Gardens for pots and tight spaces
• Fragrant and flowering herb gardens
• Gardens for children
• Gardens that prevent deer
• Fence line and mailbox gardens
• Hammock and walkway gardens
• Gardens designed for use with a rain barrel
• Gardens that attract birds and butterflies

Creating Custom Garden Spaces is available for digital download or on CD-Rom. Order now. It’s only $10 for a digital download and $20 for your very own CD. 

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