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| 8/20/2009 2:47:30 PM

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Summer is dwindling but you still have time to fit in a couple more barbeques this season. If your nose is tired of the intense, pervasive scent of citronella tiki torches, AmazonLights products offer a change of pace with the same bug-free results.

I recently discovered this natural bug repellent brand on a visit to my sister in Minnesota. The long, green tube labeled “garden incense sticks” lying on her table intrigued me and I was compelled to see if its ingredients were as green as the color of its odd-shaped package. Also, anything that could keep mosquitoes away in the damp Minnesota summer was a worth a try.

Courtesy AmazonLights

Sure enough, AmazonLights products are made from a combination of essential oils; Brazilian andiroba, rosemary, thyme and, of course, citronella. I was impressed not only by the high concentration of essential oils but also by the company’s sustainability practices. The incense sticks are made from bamboo and their use of andiroba oil promotes sustainable rainforest products for commercial use. They also follow Fair Trade and Community Trade practices by working with indigenous communities in the Amazon Coop.

Streams of Amazon Light
Photo by jonrawlinson/Courtesy Flickr

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