Herb Catalogs: Ready, Set, and Plant Those Herbs, Part 2

| 4/10/2012 4:17:23 PM

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n.heraud2You can check out the Lemon Verbena Lady at her blog Lemon Verbena Lady's Herb Garden .  

Let’s continue the search for wonderful herb farms in the U.S. and Canada. Another very passionate family in the herb business is Mark and Karen Langan from Mulberry Creek Herb Farm in Huron, Ohio. This nursery is about a three hour drive for me from Pittsburgh. They stopped doing mail-order a couple of years ago, but their plant selection is unusual and unique. Mark Langan also has a passion for miniatures. They still provide a paper catalog as an herbal reference and, of course, an online catalog. Karen does a masterful and humorous job of writing the catalog each year. You’ll enjoy reading it with your favorite herbal beverage!

Mulberry Creek Herb Farm Reference Guide and Catalog from Ohio
Mulberry Creek Herb Farm is run by a passionate family in the herb business.

Now we'll travel north and go out of the country to an international destination: Richters in Goodwood, Ontario, Canada , which is about an hour from Toronto. This is a destination I still plan to drive to very soon. Yes, Virginia, you can bring back plants from Canada with the correct paperwork and entering at the Peace Bridge entrance to the U.S. They have their catalog online and they have a wonderful paper catalog that I look forward to every year. It is jammed packed with good herbal information. Another great family that is passionate about herbs. I would almost have to start with a new garden to purchase everything I would like to try from Richters. They have patented a chive called ‘Profusion’ that is sterile, meaning the flowers don’t produce seeds. They have plants like African power cress, lots of unique echinaceas, unusual scented geraniums and Greek mountain tea to name just a fraction of what’s in the catalog. They have a smaller catalog in size this year, but all of their plants are in their online catalog.

Richters Herb Catalog from Canada and DeBaggios Herb Farm and Nursery from Virginia
Richters and DeBaggio's are two farms this herb lover would love to see! 

The southern herb farm in the photo above is DeBaggio’s Herb Farm & Nursery from Chantilly, Virginia. Started by Tom DeBaggio in his backyard in Arlington, Virginia in 1975, the herb farm has since moved to Chantilly, Virginia as of 1997 to allow for more room to grow more plants! The herb farm has been operated by Tom’s son, Francesco. Again, this is a passionate family growing herbs, vegetables and ornamental plants. They are known for their rosemary (including an introduction of the ‘Golden Rain’ rosemary) plants. They have unusual basil, lavender and thyme plants as well. They do not do mail-order.

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