Use Nature as Your Color Palette

Choosing a color scheme is one of the most important decorating decisions we make. Letting our love of nature create palettes can make color selection fun and nourishing.

| January/February 2002

The Old Man said “Ah” and smiled as he looked at the earth, for she was very beautiful—truly the most beautiful thing he had made so far.

The perception of nature as beautiful is universal and constant. Through the ages, poetry and paintings have glorified the phenomena of the natural world. Love of nature is in our bones and in our collective memories. The majesty of mountains, the pleasures of a pond, the fecundity of a forest—all evoke sensations of well being.

As a colorist, nature is my inspiration and teacher. Nature is the master colorist, combining colors, textures, and light into breathtakingly perfect palettes. Go for a walk through a meadow at noon in springtime and experience how, magically, all of nature’s colors are in the right proportion, value, and intensity. Although many are bright, these colors always enhance each other, never overpower. Wander along a lake on a misty winter morning. Although muted, these quieter colors are interesting and balanced.

How can we become nature’s students and use her wisdom to colorize our homes?

Consider the Light in the Room

Nature’s colors are changed by light. Morning light is soft and warm, contrasts of color gentle. By midday, natural light is full-spectrum, and contrasts become intense and strong. In the late afternoon, the light has softened to a golden glow, which deepens in the twilight toward warm reds with violet overtones.

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