Body & Soul: Make Lavender Spa Products

Set your sights on tranquility with these body care recipes that use lavender.

| August/September 2011

The fresh clean scent of lavender has been used in cosmetic and skin care products since ancient times. Nefertiti and Cleopatra wore vials of their favorite scents, which contained lavender oil. Lavender soap and commercial bath products date back to the 1920’s.  It was a favorite scent of Irene Langhorne the original “Gibson Girl.”  In fact the name derives from the Latin word lavare, meaning “to wash.”

6 Lavender Body Care Recipes 

English Lavender Bath
Lavender Mineral Bath Salts
Sweet Dreams Spray 
Lavender Lip Balm
Lavender Body Butter
Lavender Solid Perfume  

Try These Editor-Recommended Lavender Beauty Products. 

Grow Lavender

This fragrant herb which is in the mint family is easy to grow and can be found as a feature in almost every home herb garden. It can be found growing all over the world from Africa to Europe. here are around 39 different species of lavenders (Lavandula). It grows best in dry, well drained, sandy or gravelly soil in full sun. For urban gardeners you can also grow it in containers with good drainage. 

Sleep Soundly with Aromatherapy

Lavender is a popular scent in the practice of aromatherapy. The relaxing scent is used to soothe headaches and calm nerves. English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is what is used to make most of the essential oils on the market today. The oil is distilled from the oil glands embedded among the tiny flower blooms. It has a sweet, clean scent and can be used in lip balms, salves, perfumes and massage oils. Many people carry or wear small vials of lavender oil and massage into their temple when headaches occur. It is also a cure for jet lag and allows travelers to go to sleep while traveling or changing time zones. 

3/15/2016 4:31:12 AM

I am having a ball making my own spa products using :) I'm making all sorts of things for friends! It's great for learning how to make luxurious spa products at home immediately and it's easy :) I save a lot of money not going to the spa and the products are exactly the same, if not better. I have used my friends and family to try out the products I've made and they have been absolutely delighted! I'm thoroughly enjoying working my way through the recipes and then adjusting them to my own design. I really wish I had started this years ago.

2/14/2013 2:02:46 PM

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