8 Herbal Hair Rinse Recipes

Make these simple hair rinse recipes for shiny, healthy locks.

| October/November 2009

Lavender Essential Oil

Use lavender essential oil in your hair rinse recipe for a cleansing and mild blend.

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Gorgeous, shiny, healthy hair is universally desirable—and easy to achieve. First, the basics: Eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep, and these will be reflected in the condition of your skin and hair. Additionally, keep your scalp and hair clean and well-nourished. You can also enhance the condition of your scalp (and hair) by using easy, homemade, all-natural herbal rinses. Hair rinses will help you achieve a healthy head of hair by boosting circulation, cleansing your scalp and conditioning your hair. They can also be used to subtly add natural highlights or darken your hair.  

Natural hair rinses are as simple to create as making your favorite cup of tea.  In fact, several of the ingredients, such as dried herbs and flowers, can be found in the tea aisle of your local grocery store. You can also use fresh or dried herbs from your garden for year-round healthy tresses. Here are some simple hair rinse recipes for you to create at home—enjoy!  

For All Hair Types:
Rosemary-Thyme Rinse
• Blackberry Leaf Rinse
• Irish Potato Rinse
• Refreshing Lavender-Mint Rinse  

For Brunettes:
Sage Rinse 

For Blondes:
Chamomile Rinse 
• Rhubarb-Chamomile Rinse 

For Redheads:
Hibiscus Rinse 

6/25/2015 9:15:59 AM

I always knew that herbs were better than the shampoos we were buying in the stores. Thank you for sharing the recipes with me. I will share them with my friends. I will definitely try these. perm and color my hair.

5/28/2015 12:46:34 AM

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12/11/2013 4:54:21 AM

I will try these.

gina marie g
3/19/2013 4:04:06 PM

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nedra rodriguez
10/25/2012 7:46:01 PM

Use a CHELATING shampoo. Joico is a good brand. Also, the brand, Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor at SALLY'S BEAUTY SUPPLY is good for hard water, chlorine, minerals. Also, buy a shower filter at Home Depot.

susan dimucci
10/25/2012 2:56:16 PM

I never see any info for white hair. I live in the country and have well water. I constantly need to battle against yellow hair from the minerals in the water.

elderberry, echinacea, bee hive


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