Body & Soul: Get Gorgeous Skin With Honey

| August/September 2010

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Bees have the secret for glowing skin. Try these five honeybee-inspired recipes.

5 Bee-Friendly Beauty Recipes: 

• Soothing Acne Zapper
• Honey Cleanser
• Beeswax Lip Balm
• Soft-Skin Soak
• Smooth-Skin Treatment 

Gardening Tips: Bee-Friendly Gardening 

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Honeybees just might be nature’s best cosmetologists. They produce beeswax and honey, some of the most valuable natural beauty ingredients—and ones that we have not been able to duplicate in the laboratory. Both are key skin- and hair-care ingredients that have been used since ancient times. Today, the use of bee-based ingredients is more popular than ever—they can be found in every major cosmetic company’s line of products, from soaps to facial moisturizers.   

Pure, natural honey and beeswax are produced by hardworking bees. Honey contains potassium, phosphorus and zinc, and there are more than 300 varieties produced worldwide. Bees may travel more than 55,000 miles and visit 2 million flowers to produce a single pound of honey. Bees also are natural environmental filters—they die if they come into contact with toxins, so pollutants don’t make it into their hives. Toxins such as industrial emissions, car exhaust and agricultural chemicals all pose a threat to honeybee populations today. It is important for us to provide safe, healthy gardens and environments for bees to thrive and multiply in.    

1/24/2013 7:04:45 PM

18 months post breast reduction and my skin was really itchy around the sides. I had been to the Doctors and nothing helped. However I warmed some maunuka honey and put it on a 100% cotton pad ,left it on for 24hrs refreshing every day and did this for a week.Ta-da! No itching!

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