Cleaning Your Air Ducts: Dust in the Wind

Clean out your air ducts the natural way.

| September/October 2004


Notice a dusty, musty smell emanating from your air ducts when you turn on the heat? Have them cleaned. Air in U.S. homes is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, reports the EPA. If your duct system is well sealed and fitted with a high-efficiency filter, a thorough cleaning using brushes and a HEPA (high- efficiency particulate air filter) vacuum can be beneficial. Here’s what you need to know before calling the giant vacuum truck to your home.

Why should I bother?

1. Supply ducts filled with dust, mold, and debris could contaminate indoor air.

2. Dirty return ducts, air-handler fans, and coils could reduce the heating/cooling system’s performance.

3. With effective filtration, ducts shouldn’t need cleaning more than once every five to seven years.

4. Leaky ducts and inefficient filters, typically contaminated with particulates and microorganisms, should be discovered during a routine cleaning.

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