A Green Clean

Welcome spring into your home with these eco-friendly cleaning products.

| April 2009 Web

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task. The smell of harsh chemicals and the thought cleaning difficult-to-reach corners may deter you from cleaning. If you’re a late bloomer and have put off welcoming spring into your home, it isn’t too late. These cleaning products and tools will clean any surface without leaving abrasive chemicals behind.

Instead of using paper towels, stock up on sponges and cloths. TWIST offers an array of heavy-duty sponges and sponge-like cloths. The Euro Sponge has a sponge-like texture on one side and a slightly stronger texture on the other, which is great for everyday messes.

Surfaces are always a challenge to keep clean. Seventh Generation offers a range of household cleaners, such as carpet spot and stain remover, natural glass and surface cleaner and bathroom cleaners. The natural all purpose cleaner works well on any surface. Seventh Generation’s natural cleaners are nontoxic, hypoallergenic, certified Kosher and biodegradable. Seventh Generation lists all of its ingredients on the packaging, too, so you know what’s inside your products.

Doing the dishes can waste water and depending on the soap, it can leave your hands dry. Ecover’s dishwashing liquid is gentle on your skin and the environment. The soap does not produce excess suds, so you spend less time rinsing and use less water. The plant-based soap is safe for septic tanks.  

Method’s omop all floor care kit cleans your floors without exposing your family and pets to chemicals. The curved rod mop features corn-based, compostable sweeping cloths and reusable microfiber cloths. The kit also comes with a floor cleaner that is nontoxic. The kit is packaged in a pressed blend of recycled paper and bamboo fiber.

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