Try This: Make Your Hot Water Bottle Sleeve

Wear your heat in your sleeve—the sleeve of your old sweater, that is! Make this easy hot water bottle cozy in no time.

| January/February 2004

Wear your heat in your sleeve 

Preheating your bed—especially the crucial icy-toe zone—can make climbing in a lot more inviting. A hot water bottle does the trick without the electromagnetic fields that electric blankets or heating pads bring. However, a naked hot water bottle, all clammy rubber and scratchy edges, needs a little softening. Snuggle up to this simple project: All it takes is the sleeve of an old, soft cashmere sweater, a hot water bottle, a pair of scissors, and about five minutes. Just add water and serve up a cozy night.

1. Cut the sleeve off of a fluffy old sweater with a wide sleeve and a ribbed cuff. Try to cut on the other side of the shoulder seam so the stitching keeps threads from unraveling.

2. Slip the hot water bottle up through the wide end of the sleeve until the neck comes through the ribbed cuff and out of the body of the bottle. Tuck the sleeve ends inside the sleeve next to the water bottle. Add water, then bring the cuff up over the neck of the bottle. Sweet dreams!

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