Cutting EDGE: An Energy-Saving Wisconsin Tiny Home

A 360-square-foot home marries simple living with energy-saving technology.

| May/June 2011

EDGE exterior

The EDGE home combines space-saving design techniques with extreme efficiency.

Photo By Dan Hoffman

With the nation in a recession, the team at Revelations Architects/Builders in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, knew it was time to challenge the notion that bigger is better. So they created a home with cleverly designed spots for eating, bathing, sleeping and community—then loaded it with energy-saving technology.

“We sought to create a pure vision of simple living,” says Bill Yudchitz, Revelations Architects/Builders president. “We wanted to show that Americans could live well with less.” At only 360 square feet, the EDGE (Experimental Dwelling for a Greener Environment) is a testament to simple living. Two prefabricated modules—a kitchen and bathroom—host the home’s mechanical systems, and a wall of glass connects the two and creates a multipurpose living area with spectacular views.

The EDGE boasts an array of resource- and space-saving features: geothermal heating and cooling, air-to-air heat recovery and ventilation, passive solar orientation, rainwater harvesting, and furniture that can be reconfigured into a bed, table or sofa. The best part about the EDGE? “You have to leave the hustle and bustle of real day-to-day life behind, because it won’t fit into the EDGE,” Yudchitz says. “It gives you a second chance to get your priorities right.”

Designed for the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s Energy Fair in Custer, Wisconsin, the demonstration home won an Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects Wisconsin and has been deconstructed and rebuilt in three locations. The home is now located in Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Plans for the EDGE are available for $1,250. Revelations Architects/Builders is also working on creating a kit for clients who want to build their own EDGE. Learn more:

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I have read quite a few articles on such tiny homes which I find to be amazing. I think if we were to live in such a cozy house, it will definitely be much easier when we move out. This is because we would require lesser effort to pack all of our belongings into fewer moving boxes to the new place.

4/9/2015 12:47:15 PM

I'm wondering about the cost of this dwelling. It sounds like more per square foot than a larger, standardly built home. I've run into this fact when considering an alternative style, efficient home. Also, interestingly, when I've looked at lots in rural communities there is sometimes a minimum square footage requirement. Are energy efficient, tiny homes somehow excluded from such requirements?

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