Eco-Friendly Bedding and Mattress Materials

Materials for eco-friendly bedding abound! Use our guide to eco-friendly bedding materials to find the perfect fit for your green bed.

| November/December 2007

Dreaming of the perfect bedding ensemble? Rest assured—we’ve put together a listof the 13 most common green choices.

Bamboosheets, pillow cases, blankets, mattress pads and covers

Pros:• Harvested every few years; plant regrows quickly
• Fewer pesticides used and less water needed than for cotton cultivation
• Soft and silky
• No known allergies

Cons:• Pilling of some fabrics common

Selection Guide:• Choose sustainably managed, pesticide-free bamboo.
• Blends with cotton or other fibers that are more resilient and durable

Notes:• Commercial bamboo fibers are not the same species that endangered pandas eat.

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