Best for Remodeling: AFM Safecoat, Rinnai, EnviroGLAS

Try these 5 fabulous, super-sustainable products for your home!

| May/June 2008


Looking for a hardwood floor finish that knocks your socks off because of its beauty—not because of its fumes? AFM Safecoat has developed a durable, water-based polyurethane finish with very low VOC emissions.

Hides to Seek

Every year, EcoDomo recycles 5,000 tons of automobile upholstery leather scraps into luxurious floors and wall coverings. The butter-soft tiles have water-based finishes and can be installed with low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) adhesives, then maintained with regular buffing using natural carnauba wax.

Spokesperson Christian Nadeau says the company is concerned with protecting the environment: "We use recycled packaging, carbon credits to offset our travels, wood-chip scrap palettes for shipping, and wind-generated energy for our offices. And our water system is closed-loop."

Not only green, EcoDomo tiles are tough as—you guessed it—leather. Installed in a 2007 Solar Decathlon show home, they survived the trampling of 80,000 visitors, just a few more than the average dinner party.

EcoDomo: $24 to $40 per square foot, plus installation, (301) 424-7717.

Waste Not…

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