DIY Bathroom Projects

Try these DIY bathroom projects to add style to your natural bathroom.

| September/Octover 2009

Read the original article, "Natural Home & Garden Bathroom of the Year 2009: My Own Private Grotto."

Hide your toothbrush! 

Leni Pinyan made this toiletries holder using an off-the-shelf shadow box and chain she found at a flea market. She hung it over an outlet so she can charge her toothbrush while keeping it out of sight.

Shadow box or any wall-mountable box deep enough to hold your toiletries (you can often find these used at thrift stores and refinish with low-VOC finish or paint)
Heavy-duty wire cutters
Metal hanger
Electric drill
Small-link chain (available through jewelry suppliers)

1. Affix shadow box over wall outlet, making sure the outlet is directly behind the area that will hold your appliance.

2. Cut the metal clothes hanger to the width of the shadow box with an additional 1/8 inch on each side to insert into the box sides. Drill holes at the top of the shadowbox’s interior sides to insert the clothes hanger. This will be your “curtain rod.”

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