A Weekend Bedroom Makeover: A Fast Green Remodel

Use our weekend schedule and handy resources to make your bedroom cleaner and greener in just two days!

| November/December 2003

Greener and cleaner in just two days? You bet!

Maybe allergies are keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep. Maybe your bedroom’s atmosphere needs sprucing up. Regardless of your motivation, the fact remains: It’s time for a change. If the thought of a room redo is so overwhelming that you’re waiting until the “Trading Spaces” TV crew knocks at your door, read on. We’ve got lists of ideas for quick fixes—from changing the sheets to eliminating electromagnetic fields—that will transform your boudoir in just a little more than two days.

The first step is identifying what needs to be done, then prioritizing according to your budget and how much you can realistically achieve in a single weekend. Is eliminating allergens your goal? Do you want to change the wall color or get new furniture? The more ambitious your ideas, the more you should plan ahead—at least a month in advance, possibly more if you need to custom-order items.

To create a natural bedroom, start with the bed. Perhaps your weekend project will be to clean out junk stored underneath and outfit it with natural, nontoxic organic cotton sheets, and a wool comforter and pillows. Once your bed is a healthy zone, turn your attention to the lights or windows.

“It’s important to have a vision for your bedroom,” says interior designer Cheryl Terrace, who advises clipping magazine photos to help define your personal style and decide on an overall mood. “Have fun and express your personality while designing your space. Let all your senses get involved in the process.”

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