In Basket: November 2011

| October/November 2011

Dear Herb Companion,

I READ CALEB Melchior’s September 2011 article “Yes, You Can … Grow Lavender” with interest. I have been searching for the lavender variety ‘Grosso’ for several years. Can you suggest a source to purchase plants or seeds? Love the magazine.

—Frances Hedeman, Dubuque, Iowa

‘Grosso’ is a cultivar that cannot be grown from seed. Look for the plant in the spring at a local nursery. Otherwise, try mail-order nurseries Nichols Garden Nursery ( and Richters ( —Eds. 

MY ROSEMARY IS turning brown and dying. It’s about 5 years old and was gorgeous; we have not changed its care. We did recently have several days of much-needed rain. I live in  southern Louisiana. I tried to cut some of it back and fed it with Miracle-Gro, but it seems to continue to turn yellow and die. It was 5 feet tall and about 3 to 4 feet wide; I cut about a foot off.

—Deb LeBlanc, Lafayette, Louisiana

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