Backyard Agreements: How to Organize Your Community Garden

Remember these tips when negotiating with neighborhood homeowners about urban farming.

| March/April 2009

Spin-Farming, which promotes small-plot farming, offers pointers to help urban growers negotiate with neighborhood homeowners.

Calendar: Identify start and end dates when you (the grower) will use the home-owner’s yard for growing. (Include soil prep in early spring and cleanup in fall.)

Rent or Barter: Specify what the home-owner wants in return for gardening the land: A weekly supply of vegetables? Cash? Land maintenance?

Appearance: Commit to keeping the plot neat and weeded.

Crops: Discuss what vegetables are best suited for a particular yard and explain that you may have a variety of crops growing at once.

Growing Practices: Specify that you’ll use all organic methods.

elderberry, echinacea, bee hive


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