Make a Wedding Topiary

Follow these easy steps

| June/July 1999

Suitable container for base, such as a clay or terra-cotta pot
•1 brick floral foam, divided Fine gravel
• Bathroom plunger, large or small
• Generous handful sheet moss (1 bag is ample)
• Generous handful Spanish moss (1 bag is ample)
• 5 to 6 greenery pins
• 2 medium rubber bands
• Vine such as ivy or grape vine, enough to wind around handle
• 15 to 20 cuttings of herbs such as rosemary or lavender
• 12 to 15 flowers such as daisies or roses

1. Wedge floral foam into the ­container and pack gravel around it to add ­stability.

2. Insert the plunger handle into the center of the foam. Push down firmly. (If the handle is too tall to be in scale with the container, cut off a section. In the example pictured here, I cut off 3 inches.)

3. Dampen the sheet moss and use it to cover the foam in the container. Secure it with the greenery pins.

4. Place one-quarter of the foam in the cup of the plunger.

5. Dampen the Spanish moss and let sit for about 30 minutes or until it is pliable.

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