A Taste of Summer: Watermelon Drink and Food Recipes

Nothing captures the essence of summertime quite like the sweet, refreshing flavor of watermelon.

| July/August 2002

Featured Recipes: 
Minted Melon Salad
Melon-Citrus Cooler
Watermelon Barbecue Marinade 

Is it possible to recapture the blissful summertime of childhood? As adults, perhaps we can’t relive the freedom of those long, leisurely days, but we can still enjoy the familiar flavor of watermelon and experience the very essence of long ago afternoons. Whether plucked from the garden or carried home from the market, nothing seems quite so right on a sweltering day as a simple slice of fresh watermelon.

When I was growing up, watermelon was watermelon—the typical, oblong, green melon with deep red, juicy flesh. These days, home gardens and the marketplace burst with watermelons of every variety.

As with most produce, you’ll likely find the best melons in your own backyard (perhaps even literally). Seeking growers in your own community not only promises the freshest watermelons but supports local, small, or family-owned farms.

Good for you, too 

Watermelon’s so much more than a refreshing picnic treat. It’s a low-calorie, nonfat, cholesterol-free snack packed with energy-boosting, health-promoting nutrients and dietary fiber. In addition to vitamins A and C, a two-cup serving of watermelon provides only about eighty calories and is a rich source of potassium, iron, and especially lycopene, a red pigment belonging to a large class of health-protective plant compounds called carotenoids, making it a natural functional food that’s recently earned the American Heart Association’s official approval.

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