Taste Test! 6 Spring Teas

Welcome spring with these six soothing, scrumptious teas.

| March/April 2011

1. Velvet Garden White Rose
$7 for 18 bags
This delicate white tea, made from tender tea buds, is high in antioxidants and vitamin C. Its lovely pink hue and light, sweet scent complement its smooth flavor. Delicious with shortbread.

2. Organic Almond Blossom Flavored Oolong
Frontier Natural Products Co-op 
$35 for 16 ounces loose tea (more than 300 cups)
Se Chung Chinese oolong tea is blended with small bits of sliced almonds for a slightly smoky, sweet flavor with just a hint of almond.

3. Oothu Garden Green
Choice Organic Teas 
$5 for 16 bags
Grown in one of India’s first organic tea gardens, lively, crisp Oothu Garden Green offers healthful polyphenols—which research shows protect against cancer and may fight high cholesterol and weight gain.

4. Organic Vanilla Honeybush Herbal Tea
$4 for 18 bags
This caffeine-free blend, enhanced with a touch of vanilla, is perfect to relax with before bed. The South African honeybush plant, a relative of rooibos, is named for its honey-scented flowers.

5. Organic Iron Goddess Oolong
The Tea Spot 
$16 for 3 ounces loose tea (about 42 cups)
This tea is a new staff favorite thanks to its delicate jade color, natural sweetness and faint lilac scent. Hand-harvested in Fujian Province, China, this is one of the most revered varieties of oolong tea. The leaves can be re-steeped three times.

6. Holy Mate!
Eco Teas 
$5 for 24 bags
Stimulating Holy Mate! combines energy-boosting yerba mate with antioxidant-rich tulsi (also known as holy basil) to provide a sustained energy lift—without the jitters—and a punch of disease resistance.

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