Saint Patrick's Day Recipe: Make Irish Stew With Guinness

| 3/9/2010 2:13:46 PM

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The Irish Inn, a cozy little B&B in southern-Illinois, was kind enough to share this traditional Irish stew recipe. I wanted to share how to make Irish stew for Saint Patrick's Day with my friends and fellow herb gardeners because it has a number of herbs and spices that surprised me. Once you taste the stew, it becomes clear just how important the addition of herbs and spices are to its richness.

Irish beef stew
It takes a long time to prepare this traditioal Irish stew with Guinness, but you will get a few meals out of it.
The stew reheats well and is even better the next day.
Photo courtesy Salihan Crafts

I confess, I substituted canned tomatoes for the fresh chopped tomatoes. This Irish stew recipe is simply a guideline for a very rich and tasty stew. There are several ingredient substitution suggestions in the recipe made by innkeeper Lynn McCreery. 

McCreery is a world traveler. The use of cinnamon bark in this recipe is a technique she learned in India. Rubbing a little ground cinnamon on the meat is the next best thing. Perhaps the most easily recognized dark ale is Guinness, but any good dark ale will work in the recipe. 

elderberry, echinacea, bee hive


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