DIY: Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

| 4/15/2011 11:50:06 AM

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S.CollinsThis Easter skip the store-bought, chemically processed Easter egg dyes and opt for a more natural way to make colorful eggs with your family.

According to the article Attention Easter Bunny, Serve Safe Eggs from, most Easter egg dyes contain baking soda that can become harmful to children if eaten in big amounts. And, let’s face it, I’m sure we were all a bit careless as children when handling dyed Easter eggs.

Avoid being overexposed to various chemicals this Easter use these natural, and healthier, ways of dyeing your eggs with these eco-friendly dyeing tips from The Herb Companion.  Don’t worry; you get still get your bright, colorful eggs with these natural dyes:

Gold: Handful of yellow onion skins

Yellow: 2 tablespoons turmeric, 1/2 cup dried marigolds, goldenrod, or cosmos, or a handful of carrot tops

Green: Handful of coltsfoot

elderberry, echinacea, bee hive


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