Try This: Decorative Kitchen Canister

A fun project for your kitchen.

| September/October 2004

Stow kitchen stuff such as tea bags, dry pasta, and maybe even your secret cash stash in these natty little canisters. Although they’re uptown enough for the top shelf, they have humble beginnings as packaging for oatmeal, raisins, and sea salt. Specialty bookmaking papers, wrapping paper, origami paper, old maps, and playbills can be mixed and matched to make surprisingly pretty, super-simple storage.

1. Cut your paper to wrap around the cylinder with about a 1/2-inch overlap. For packages with a cardboard edge, cut the paper an inch taller than the height of the cylinder so the paper can fold over the top. For those with metal edges, cut the paper to fit between the metal rims.

2. Brush the wrong side of the paper with diluted white glue or paste.

3. Position it even with the bottom edge and press around the cylinder, smoothing out wrinkles as you go. Burnish the paper firmly with the heel of your hand.

4. Clip the overhanging paper back perpendicular to the canister edge to make folding tabs. If necessary, brush them with an extra dab of glue before folding inside the canister.

5. Cork coasters work perfectly as lids. Thread a wood screw up through the bottom of the coaster, then wind a wine cork onto the screw until finger tight. You can use the optional, oversized black rubber washers as a decorative finish.

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