Try This: LED Christmas Lights Covers

Soften the cold, blue glow of LED Christmas lights with festive mesh light covers.

| November/December 2005

LED (light emitting diode) holiday lights boast almost miraculous energy efficiency—a typical strand uses about 80 percent less energy than traditional lights. But many people complain that the LEDs emanate cold, blue-colored light instead of the warm, candlelit glow of incandescent bulbs. We found a way to warm up the cool tones while adding a festive flourish that makes the lights pretty even when they’re switched off. Small squares of lightweight, metal mesh slip easily over each bulb (we used copper, but brass is lovely, too). They filter out the harsh blues and make your home glow with holiday warmth.

You’ll need a piece of fine metal mesh about 36 inches wide by 6 inches long ( or a local wire dealer) to cover a string of fifty LED lights ( or your local hardware store).

1. Using tin snips or scissors, cut the mesh into 2 inch squares.

2. Fold the square in half on the diagonal and make a snip in the middle about 1⁄4-inch deep.

3. Unfold, then fold again in the opposite direction.

4. Snip again in the middle. This makes a pyramid shape with an X cut in the center. Slip the X over the bulb and squeeze into place.

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