Sweet & Easy Desserts With Herbs

Simple, homey desserts become sublime with the addition of herbs.

| February/March 2006

I have been gardening and cooking my way through a life filled with herbs for about 30 years now. Essential to my kitchen, they sweeten each day with their fragrance and flavor. I use herbs in all parts of a meal—from soups and savories to salads and baked goods—not just desserts. Using herbs to flavor any food, whether sweet or savory, will elevate it to another level. Herbs can complement, accentuate or intensify a dish. Bold or subtle, herbs can make a ho-hum recipe outstanding.

8 Desserts With Herbs: 

Buttermilk Chocolate Cake with Peppermint & Minted Chocolate Buttercream
Pears Poached with Rosemary & Chestnut Whipped Cream
Drop Scones with Rose Petals & Pistachios
Chocolate Ice Cream with Anise-flavored Herbs
Blondies with Monarda & Apricots
Luscious Lemon Cream
Chewy Chocolate Cookies with Rosemary, Pine Nuts and Dried Cherries
Three-seed Cookies with Citrus-flavored Herbs 

The sweet herbal recipes herein are simple, homey, comfort desserts. Some are traditional dessert recipes, variations on a theme, or an old family favorite; others are new and innovative, or perhaps to some, downright peculiar. All of them are made delicious by the addition of herbs.

Herbs add another dimension to our lives, especially in the kitchen. Hopefully these sweet herbal recipes will inspire you to experiment with and add more herbs to your cooking. Think of this as one big, sweet, herbal adventure.

Herbs That Play Well With Desserts

Angelica. These stems have a slightly woody, bitter, resinous flavor with a hint of fruit, and usually are candied for a garnish to decorate desserts; the aromatic leaves are good chopped for fruit salads, with citrus and rhubarb.

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