5 Herbal Iced Tea Recipes

Capture the essence of summer with refreshing flavors from the garden.

| April/May 2008


Use fresh herbs, fruits, flowers and your imagination to create delicious drinks from your garden


Cool and crisp, iced tea is the quintessential summer drink. But why limit yourself to ordinary iced black tea when you can mix herbs, fruit, flowers and spices to create extraordinary summertime drinks?

5 Herbal Iced Tea Recipes: 

Peach Pick-Me-Up 
Hip Apple Rose Tea 
Black Forest Magic 
Tummy Tamer 
Lavender Lemon Quencher 

Iced herbal teas, also known as tisanes, offer flavor options and health benefits beyond those of traditional tea; and many of the ingredients can be gathered directly from your garden.

While my personal teabag-of-tricks includes a few fail-safe favorites that are good both cold and hot, I love mixing new combinations for a break from the usual. Melding a variety of garden flavors and fragrances captures the essence of summer’s long, glorious days in a simple, refreshing drink.

Each of the following recipes will fill four to six glasses. For a picnic or party, simply double, triple or quadruple the ingredients (and the size of your pitcher), accordingly. Sweeteners are optional.

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