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5 Ways to Recycle Old Tires

Photo by Fotolia

Tires can be used for much more than wheeling your car around. There are a whole bunch of great ways to recycle and upcycle tires into everything from home decor items to utilitarian yard projects. Here are 5 of my favorite things to do with old tires:

Tire Sandals

Tire sandals are a great way to recycle old tires into something stylish, unique and useful.

In fact, I recently found out that tire sandals are actually a common footwear form in Africa, and have existed there for decades! Since they are made of rubber, they’re extremely durable, and can be used very effectively outdoors. Here’s a great tutorial on how to make some neat tire sandals.

Tire Ottomans

There are many different styles of tire ottomans, but I particularly love this rope covered one from Boredom Therapy.  If I didn’t know better, I’d have pegged it as something from a boutique furniture store! Even though it takes some time and effort to create, it is worth the money you will save rather than buying a similar piece elsewhere. These funky little pieces of furniture might be just what you need to add an edge to your living room.

Hose Caddy

It’s always hard to find an effective and sustainable way to store hoses. More often than not, hoses end up lying on the ground, getting unnecessarily tangled up. This hose caddy eliminates that problem, and is a neat and extremely simple way to keep your hoses tidy. All you have to do is cut one sidewall off an old tire, and then curl your hose up in it. You can get creative with your caddy too, and paint it in to match your garden, or decorate it in any other way you’d like for a polished appearance.

Tire Mirror Frame

Another home decor project, but this one is a somewhat less time consuming than the ottoman. Upcycling an old bicycle tire can lead to this wonderful mirror frame, and all it requires is matching the mirror to the tire size. It’s easy to customize too, with different ornaments, paint colors and patterns as per your liking!

Tire Swing

The ultimate garden decor accessory - tire swings are a simple but perfect addition that bring back wonderful childhood memories. Even if you don’t have young kids, having a tire swing in your garden or backyard can be a unique style statement. They add to the welcoming vibe of any space, and will always be a crowd- pleaser in the summer months. Not to mention, they are super easy to put together!

Hopefully, these ideas will convince you to not throw your old tires away and inspire you to reuse and recycle them! What’s not to like about less environmental waste and a very unique end-product?  Ultimately, revamping old tires into artsy and useful items is a win-win situation!