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Facebook Community: 5 Tiny Homes We Love

Last weekend we asked our Facebook community to share stories and photos of their tiny homes. The stories were varied, and everyone had their own reasons for choosing to downsize and try this lifestyle on for size, but one thing held true for all: They love their tiny spaces!

From traditional, modular tiny homes to small houses with a plot of land for gardening, teepees to houseboats, our readers know how to live large in small spaces.

Tiny Empty Nest

Name: MJ Boyle
Location: Oregon
Square Footage: 196

After helping design and supervising the construction of two full-sized homes earlier in life, MJ Boyle decided that once her youngest headed off to college she would build a space all her own. In March of 2014 she officially settled on the mission of building a tiny home.

DIY Tiny Home In-Progress 

“Nothing is life goes according to plan.” Boyle says this is one thing she’s learned in all her years on this great green Earth. Luckily, a tiny home can often go wherever life sees fit to send us and this is part of the appeal. After acquiring a sponsor and designing her own 196-square-foot home, Boyle set to downsizing. Her journey is still in progress, but she’s well on her way to having the home of her dreams. Keep up with her progress on her blog.

Downsized Haven

Name: Holly Dormeyer
Location: Arizona
Square Footage: 565

When Holly Dormeyer’s mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, Holly quit her job as an attorney in Arizona to move back to New York to spend their last months together. Upon returning to Arizona, she realized it was time to revamp her own life.

She permanently left the law firm and a six-figure paycheck to focus on making a living in a way that she enjoyed. She also cancelled construction on her new, larger home and moved into a 565-square-foot house instead. “I think what makes my house feel a bit bigger is that there is no carpet and no hallways. The laminate and tile make the space feel larger, as do the white walls,” Holly says.

Arizona Tiny Home 

She has lived in the space, with her three beloved dogs, for almost three years and can’t imagine living in a larger space. She has even considered going smaller!

Wilderness Home

Name: Rohn Amegatcher
Square Footage: 400

Reclaimed Materials Tiny Home 

This 400-square-foot home was built with reclaimed materials in just four months! Rohn Amegatcher uses wind and solar energy to power his tiny home year-round. An upper level, loft-style space allows him to comfortably host four, when necessary. His home also has a rainwater cistern to provide residents with water and inner walls provide storage with a built-in pantry.

Mobile Life

Name: Ashley Morin
Location: Washington
Square Footage: 240

Upcycled RV Tiny Home 

Two adults and 3 pets live, without regret, in a mere 240-square-feet. Almost a year ago, Ashley Morin and her boyfriend decided they were tired of paying rent on a place they’d never own, but unsure of where they wanted to settle down they opted for a house they could take with them. Their vintage 30-foot RV has been upcycled into a tiny home to serve just that purpose.

Roughing It

Name: Dandelion Perfect
Square Footage: Unknown

Wilderness Tipi 

Although we weren’t provided any information about Dandelion Perfect’s style of living, this tiny home is certainly unique! Not unlike a yurt, teepees can serve as temporary or permanent living spaces, even in our modern world. (Tipi, in Lakota, means “living in.”)

For the month of November, we’ll be asking our readers for more submissions that will be turned into blog posts. We got a huge response for this post, in particular, and would like to thank everyone for participating!

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