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Silk Flowers and Local Music

Event planner by day, seamstress by night, Erica Binns helps run the Mother Earth News Fairs and owns the Etsy shop Barefoot Sewing. Wedding bells will ring for Erica and her fiancé Matt on June 22, 2013.

My latest quest has been tracking down silk flowers (more about why I’m using them here). I contacted several florists in the greater Kansas City area, but only one had any experience with silk flowers, and she never replied with a quote.

I would have preferred to use a local florist, but since that is not an option, I turned to Etsy to find a small business that specializes in silk flowers.

The Etsy shop UtahSilkFlowers looks like it will suit our needs perfectly. She has silk stargazer lilies in stock, and can find the beautiful blue and purple orchids for me as well.

silk Stargazer lily blossom
Photo Courtesy UtahSilkFlowers

My future father-in-law was skeptical about using silk flowers, so I played a trick on him a few weeks ago. I bought one of the silk stargazer lily blossoms and added it to a vase of real flowers, and used the bouquet as our centerpiece for dinner. He never noticed that the lily wasn’t real, so silk flowers are a-ok with him now!

I’ve also made headway with music for our ceremony. The first time I heard a hammered dulcimer was at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, and ever since I’ve wanted one at my wedding. If you’ve never heard one in person, I highly recommend it!

Instead of the traditional Bridal March, I’ll be using Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring—a longtime personal favorite. Here’s what that sounds like on the dulcimer:


Luckily for me, there are three dulcimer players for hire within easy driving distance of the church. A dulcimer player from the group String Theory is available for a very reasonable rate, so I booked her and can now check music off my list.

8 months and counting. I’m starting to get excited!