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3 Reasons Why Water Is a Magnificent Natural Healer

It’s amazing that water makes up an average 60 percent of the human body, but society often forgets water’s capacity for natural healing. Instead, people consume artificially flavored water, energy drinks, soft drinks, sparkling soda and coffee over pure water — and that’s not the fizzy, bubbly kind, either.

flowing stream and glass of water
Photo by Adobe Stock/arttim.

From the world’s ecosystems to the human body, water is an intrinsic element of our existence, and metaphorically it has been used to represent emotions and spirituality. Water affects the body, mind and spirit as a magnificent catalyst and a natural healer. Here’s how.

1. Water Keeps the Environment Healthy

Though organisms may thrive in interesting environments that are toxic to humans, space explorers have looked for life on planets that are not too hot and not too cold. That “Goldilocks Zone” makes a planet a potential host for the life-giving powers of water. Humanity has equated water with life for ages.

Water changes the face of the landscape, breaking down boulders and shaping mountains. It may look like features of landscape disappear, but the Earth is constantly evolving and changing, as both energy and matter are neither created nor destroyed.

Remember learning about the various types of clouds? Don’t worry — there’s no quiz, but there are typically eight types, from what we see terrestrially all the way up to the stratosphere.

When it rains, it pours — and through the process of evaporation, the water cycle keeps the environment healthy. The majority of water evaporated from the sea returns as precipitation, and roughly ten percent falls over the land as precipitation. In the process of evaporation, a water molecule will spend nearly ten days in the air.

If there was no precipitation runoff or groundwater discharged via aquifers, the oceans would be virtually empty.

2. Water Is Vital to Human Health

Water is vital to human health, especially for the brain, which is composed of 75 percent of water. The effects of dehydration are harmful to all parts of the body. The human brain needs water for proper processing of thoughts and storing memories. As your endless train of thought can attest, the brain doesn’t stop running. The ecosystem of the body fails without water.

Consider what happens when we dam up our natural water sources to control and consume the flow. A river whose flow has been blocked with begin to weaken and its ecosystem will start to fail. Waste backs up. Where there is water, there is life.

Similarly, for human beings, the body’s organs shut down when no water is available. This vital element acts as a lubricant for digestion and helps your gut absorb proteins and nutrients. Without water, the body can’t boot out pollutants or toxins, increasing the body’s odds of experiencing skin disorders, digestive disorders, allergies, high cholesterol and even cancer. Those hunger pangs in the body are likely a craving for water. So, before you kick back with a coffee, drink a glass of water.

When part of the body breaks down or is wounded, water is there to help heal it. For example, water has the ability to heal a shoulder replacement. In one case study, physical therapists used a pool as a healing environment for shoulder rehabilitation and the patient regained 100 percent functionality, claiming his abilities were better than they were 20 years prior.

Hydrotherapy is useful for many patients to regain mobility — especially elders who have a greater range of motion in the pool. Those water gymnastics classes do their job! And if your health improves and you feel like the real swan of Swan Lake, why not?

3. Water Is Nurturing to the Soul

Priests of various faiths bless water to make it holy and children are christened after birth for “purity.” Myriad cultures used natural springs and manmade baths as healing and worship centers, such as the Celts, Greeks and Romans. For example, Sulis was a Celtic water deity of healing found in woodland springs. The Greco-Roman view of bathing was a way of leading a spiritual and clean life and get their party on, too. Water has long been associated with spiritual healing and rejuvenation.

Don’t you feel amazing after you take a long, hot shower or soak your stinky, aching feet in Epsom salts after a long hike? Thought so.

You can make bath time a more soothing and spiritual aspect of personal self-care by adding herbal oils or candles to the experience. Take a little longer than usual and soak in the tub, closing your eyes and focusing your breathing. Let the relaxing power of water nurture your inner self.

From the outer world to the inner body, mind and soul, water is a magnificent natural healer. It cycles from the oceans to your tap at home, to drink and nurture your vital organs. It also soothes your mind and spirit — whether by way of a priest’s blessing or a hot soak in the tub after a long day.

Water is at the center of life — so drink up, be healthy and merry!