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Green Summer: Rainy Day Activities

by Kirsten Hudson

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As I look out the window of my office gray clouds cover the sky, hinting at rain. I check the forecast online—it’s supposed to storm all weekend. Unfortunately not all summer days are sunny. Try these green indoor activities to perk up a gloomy day.

Rainy Day
Perk yourself up on a rainy day with these green activities. Photo By pshutterbug/Courtesy Flickr

Eliminate clutter

Go through your clothes and decide what you can toss. If you can’t remember the last time you wore it, chances are you don’t need it.

Try swapping your clothes with friends rather than throwing away your used clothes. You could even host a “clothing swap party” and barter your clothes with a group of friends.

For the clothes that none of your friends take, try repurposing them. Turn old sweaters into oven mitts (use only 100 percent wool) or use old sweater pieces to make patchwork blankets or pillow covers. Tear T-shirts into rags for dusting or washing the car. Turn the top half of jeans into a retro purse by sewing the leg holes closed and attaching a belt for a strap. Check out more tips for greening your closet.

If you plan on donating your old clothes, don’t stuff them in plastic trash bags. Pack them in reusable cloth bags to take to the drop-off location.

The average household receives 900 pieces of junk mail a year. Go through all of the extra envelopes, coupons and credit card applications you have lying around and chuck them in the recycling bin.

Start a project

Make a cute, quirky lunch tote out of old plastic bags. Try this easy project using materials you have lying around your home. All you need to complete this project is 4 to 8 plastic bags, an iron, wax paper, clothes pins and a ruler.

Play a green game

Visit Planet Green Game to play a free green game online.

Starbucks collaborated with Global Green USA, a national environmental nonprofit organization, to create the game. After looking at how greenhouse gas emissions associated with its operations negatively impacted the environment, Starbucks created the game to educate the public (and itself) about climate change.

The game takes place in the fictional town of Evergreen. Players look for ways to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the impact of global warming. They earn points by completing various green challenges.

Continue your green web-browsing by taking an online quiz to test your knowledge about air, water and land.

Bake organic

Create something sugary and delicious with organic ingredients. In your recipes for cookies, cakes and pies try using organic flour, sugar, eggs, butter, chocolate, etc. I suggest using Organic Turbinado Sugar and Organic Shaman Chocolates.

Try this tasty recipe for Cherry Chocolate Scones.

If baking from scratch is too much for you, try the baking mixes from

Pamela’s Products. These simple mixes use gluten-free, organic ingredients.

Do you have any fun green activities to brighten up a rainy day? Tell me about them in the comment section.