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Green Birthday Bash: Throw an Eco-Friendly Birthday Party

by Kirsten Hudson

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Today is my birthday! For some reason all of the birthdays in my family seem to cluster around July. We usually end up celebrating them with one big party, but this year I want to make it an eco-friendly birthday bash. Here are some tips to green birthday parties.

Try these tips to create a green birthday celebration! Photo By cafemama/Courtesy Flickr 


• Rather than purchasing a store-bought cake, bake one yourself. Green your baking by using all-organic ingredients.

• If baking from scratch is too much for you, try the baking mixes from Pamela’s Products. These simple mixes use gluten-free, organic ingredients.

• Decorate the cake with flowers or herbs cut straight from the garden. 

Food and drink 

• Provide healthy snack foods. Try making guacamole instead of dunking chips in processed cheese dips. To make guacamole, simply combine mashed avocados, diced tomatoes, a chopped onion, salt, pepper and lime juice, or try this recipe for guacamole. Or make popcorn on the stove using organic popping corn and vegetable oil instead of microwaveable popcorn filled with preservatives and artificial flavorings. 

• Instead of soda or other beverages sold in plastic bottles, make refreshing iced tea or lemonade for your guests. Purchase organic iced teas or make your own sun-brewed iced tea.


• Make a funky table setting (and create less waste) using mismatched reusable dishes, instead of disposable ones. Provide cloth napkins instead of paper ones.

• Hold the party outdoors to take advantage of the sunlight or if it’s at night, create a festive mood by lighting candles instead of turning on outdoor lights.

• Use potted plants for decorations or visit thrift stores to find cheap vases and odd knickknacks for center pieces.

• When you blow out your candles feel good about choosing to celebrate with an eco-friendly party.

Do you have any tips for making birthday parties and other celebrations eco-friendly? Tell me about them in the comments section.