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The Gift of Charity: Products that Give Back

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Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one this holiday season? Consider giving a gift that will also help a deserving cause. Many companies have decided to do a little good this holiday season by donating part of their profits to a charity or by partnering with causes to help people in need. These gifts will make a difference this holiday while putting a smile on the face of the receiver.


1. Conscious Step Socks

These fashionable socks are designed with a specific cause in mind, and each pair makes a difference. The company partners with charities and non-profits to design a comfortable and environmentally friendly sock that symbolizes the cause, and then each purchase gives back. For example, one pair is a blue and gray paisley design with a water drop on it. The purchase of this pair will provide 18 months of safe water to a person who needs it. Other pairs fight hunger, plant trees and donate books. 


2. Alex & Ani ‘Charity by Design’ Bracelet

With Alex & Ani’s Charity by Design line, you can choose a cause that means the most to you or the person who will be receiving the bracelet. Some of the options are Toys for Tots, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The National Network to End Domestic Violence and UNICEF. The bracelets represent each meaningful cause beautifully and 20% of the purchase goes to the nonprofit you choose.

3. Wakawaka Power+ Solar Charger & Light

Get your resident phone addict this solar-powered charger. It can come in handy when there are no plugs around to charge a phone or tablet, and all it needs is sunlight. Plus, there is a flashlight on it to use when the sun isn’t shining. After it has been exposed to the sun for a day, it can provide 150 hours of light from the flashlight or a full charge for your phone. For every charger sold, this company donates a solar light to a family without electricity through the International Rescue Committee.


4. LifeStraw Go Water Bottle

This water bottle includes a 2-stage filtration system to provide clean and safe water no matter where you are. It cleans bacteria and contaminants as you drink and is a perfect gift for an adventurer or athlete. For every product sold, a child in a developing country will receive access to safe drinking water for a whole school year.

5. Charcoal Soap

Does somebody on your list deserve coal this year? Instead, give them charcoal soap! Charcoal has made a big splash in beauty products this year because of its purifying properties. With the purchase of this soap, a charcoal-efficient stove will be donated to a woman in Kenya. In Kenya, women often walk over 10 miles and 30 hours a week to collect firewood. Then, they cook over an open fire, which is the equivalent of smoking two packs of cigarettes every day. Many women die from this exposure, and you can lessen that number with this bar of soap.

6. Moleskine Red Classic Notebook

Moleskine is a classic stationary notebook that is perfect for list-makers and planners. This Moleskine notebook is the classic with a twist. With a red elastic band and bookmark ribbon, Moleskine has taken this notebook to the next level by raising awareness for AIDS research. A portion of each sale goes toward the Global Fund to Fight AIDS and provides life-saving medication for people affected.


7. WeWOOD Watch

This is a unique and useful watch that comes in many styles and has no toxic or artificial materials. It has a rustic and nature like look. For every watch purchased, a tree is planted in an effort to bring awareness to the importance of nature and save the environment. Their goal is to plant 1 million trees by 2020, and you can help them reach that goal with a stylish gift.

8. Kidbox

Kidbox is a subscription service that sends hand-picked seasonal clothing for your child right to your doorstep. You’ll receive 6-7 items, and you can return what you don’t want to keep. You and your child can have fun all year opening the boxes together and discovering new clothes and styles. The best part is that for every box you keep, Kidbox will donate a new outfit to a child in need.

9. Adopt an Animal

Give the animal lover in the family the gift of symbolically adopting an animal of their favorite species and support the National Wildlife Federation. Some of the animals you can adopt include emperor penguins, seals, lions and kangaroos. The recipient will receive an official certificate of adoption and a poster of the animal that you have adopted for them, plus the knowledge that you helped save their favorite species on their behalf.


10. Story Shares Book

This nonprofit is based in Boston and its goal is to spread the love of reading and literacy. For every paperback book you purchase, it will donate another to a school where it can be given to someone who needs it. The library is full of books for struggling readers.

Make a difference this holiday season by choosing some of these feel-good gifts. There’s something for everyone on your list!