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5 Fashionable & Warm Choices for Winter Style

Summer seems a long time gone when the nights start to draw in and the temperature quickly begins to drop. This is a time when our thoughts turn to staying warm throughout the winter months. In part, that means adjusting our wardrobe to cope with the chill in the air and making sure we feel warm and comfortable at home, as well.

winter fashion
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1. Chunky Knit Solutions

Fashion might not always be a priority over warmth, but you won’t have to compromise if you take advantage of some stylish and warm solutions.

Knit jumpers and dresses have been a regular feature on the winter fashion scene for the last few seasons. Gone are the days when people might have viewed cable knit as a bit stuffy and not exactly fashionable. If you want to achieve a combination of warmth and style, you could do a lot worse than to cocoon yourself in this stylish, chunky knit.

You may also want to consider a knitted scarf when putting together your winter wardrobe. Scarves are rightly viewed as a necessity when the temperature starts to drop and chunky knit scarves can keep you warm. Pick up a variety of printed and patterned wool to make them more of an accessory which will allow you to easily personalize your look.

2. Cozy at Home

For many of us, there is nothing quite as inviting as the prospect of a night snuggled up by the fire, enjoying a warming drink, and some quality time with loved ones.

You can look forward to feeling even cozier at home with warm pajama outfits from places like Sleepyheads. You could even get matching PJ sets for the entire family, so you can all snuggle up and feel the warmth together.

Consider footed pajamas for a bit of extra warmth. Plus, these are a great gift option for all ages; they’re great for lounging or sleepovers.

3. Don’t Forget Socks

Socks are mainly viewed as functional attire, but they do an unbelievably good job of keeping your toes nice and warm as you walk through the slush and snow.

As a fashion statement socks can be underrated. Hiding your socks under your boots is perfectly fine, but they can also serve as a cozy accessory. Neutral colored chunky knee-high socks or layered socks peeking out of boots can add subtle interest to outfits.

4. Fashionable Head Wear

Although the belief that we lose the most body heat through the head is a myth. However, we can lose about 7 to 10 percent of our body heat if our heads are left exposed in cold weather.

The good news for your ears is that they can stay toasty through the season with knitted headbands, which are considered a very current fashion accessory. The trend for chunky knit has also influenced head wear and a two-tone knitted headband will keep you warm and on-trend.

If you’re feeling adventurous and have a bit of knitting know-how, you might even want to create your own braided headbands or stocking caps.

5. Wear Tights with Style

Some of the colder days don’t really allow ordinary tights to keep your legs warm. You can now get leggings and tights which use special heat technology to keep your legs warm and cozy, whatever the weather. Several leading brands have produced tights that are able to keep you warm by retaining your body heat.

This means that whether you want to wear black tights or leggings, you can now find versions that use this modern technology and allow you to stay stylish without feeling the winter chill as much as you would before. Opaque tights, which are a bit thicker and heavier than regular tights, and fleece-lined leggings are other great options for staying cozy and stylish.

Even when the temperature drops and you start thinking about extra layers, there are plenty of ways you can look and feel good this winter.

Allison Ernst is a health professional and mother of three. She enjoys the chance to share her insights and observations on family topics online. You can find her posts on a number of relevant websites.