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Fall Leaf Art: Connect with Nature Through Art

Creating art with leaves and nature can be fun, interesting, meditative and inspiring. Plus, it can connect you with the outdoors in an enjoyable and relaxing way. Here are a few great ideas to get you started.

Lily collecting leaves
Photo by Kristy Severin

1. Collecting Leaves

This can be such an enjoyable activity, whether you're alone or with family or friends. Spending time outside in nature and taking the time to look closely at the world around you can bring such a sense of peace and wonder as you may find something unique and wonderful or even something you've never noticed before. Take notice of the brightness of a particular red maple leaf or how different trees lose their leaves and change colors at different times. Once you've collected your leaves, you can begin creating art as you wish.   

Leaf Rubbings
Photo from KC Edventures

2. Leaf Rubbings

This can be the start of a small project or an extension of a layered piece of art. It's a simple way to create art with leaves that can be done alone or with children of all ages. By simply placing paper on top of your leaves and rubbing them with crayons, you can create a detailed leaf in any color and preserve its beauty. 

Leaf Mandala
Photo from Pinterest

3. Leaf Mandalas

Mandalas, a meditative process of arranging the leaves in a circular patterned shape, can act as permanent or temporary art. 

Leaf Garland
Photo from G Sheller

4. Leaf Garland

Arranging leaves in patterns by stringing them through yarn, twine or string can be a lovely decoration for your home or even a great gift for a friend. 

Leaf preserved in beeswax
Photo from The Magic Onions

5. Preserve Leaves in Beeswax

This is a natural way to preserve the beauty of a leaf.

Leaf Book
Photo from Pinterest

6. Leaf Identification Book

Another enjoyable way to arrange some of the beautiful leaves you may have collected, start your very own leaf identification book.