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Different Uses for Everyday Items: Vodka

by Kirsten Hudson

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Vodka is effective for more purposes than making a tasty martini. Check out these 10 alternative uses for vodka.

And you thought it was just for drinking. Check out these alternative uses for vodka. Photo By Merljin Hoek/Courtesy Flickr.

1) Clothing refresher

Don’t have time to wash that shirt? Fill a spray bottle with cheap vodka and spritz on the garment. The alcohol kills odor-causing bacteria and dries quickly. Voila!

2) Remove a bandage

Not brave enough to just rip off that bandage? Dab the bandage with vodka for easy, painless removal. Plus it won’t leave any of that sticky residue on your skin! (Make sure the wound is completely healed first.)

3) Clean tiles and caulking

Fill a spray bottle with vodka and spray tile and caulking. Let it sit for five to 10 minutes, then wipe clean. The alcohol will kill mold and mildew.

4) Spotless glasses cleaner

Wipe glasses with a clean cloth or newsprint dampened with a small amount of vodka. The alcohol cleans the glass and kills germs.

5) Treat bad breath

Don’t have time to brush? Steep cloves in vodka then swish for an effective mouthwash.

6) Astringent

For a quick astringent, lightly dampen a cotton ball with vodka. Dab on your face to cleanse the skin and minimize pores.

7) Razor care

Keep your razor from rusting as quickly by setting the blade in a cup of vodka after shaving. The alcohol also kills bacteria on the blade.

8) Keep flowers fresh

Combine vodka, sugar and water to give your flowers a longer life.

9) Remove foot odor

Soak your tootsies in vodka for a few minutes to eliminate bacteria that cause odors. Or, try this grapefruit-vodka foot treatment.

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