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5 Brilliant Craft Hacks from Pinterest

Holiday season is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me now is the time to start crafting all of those handmade gifts. To make life a bit easier, here are a few craft hacks to make all of your holiday DIY experiences less painful and stress-free.

Check out our Pinterest page if you’re in need of some inspiration for DIY projects.     

DIY Bow           

1. The Perfect Bows

Make the smallest of embellishments, for cards or packages, with this hack for making perfect bows using a fork. Simply weave ribbon in-and-out of the fork tines before fastening it in the center with another piece of ribbon and trimming the ends to size. Via Slow Robot.

Bonus Hack: remove creases or wrinkles from ribbon with a light bulb. Via Plaid Crafts.

Clean up extra glitter

2. Excess Glitter

As any DIY-er or craft connoisseur will tell you, glitter makes a mess. No matter how careful you are, it still manages to get all over your work surface before you’ve finished a project. Clean up the glitter-bomb that is now your table quickly and easily with a lint roller. Via Buzz Feed.

Bead Organization

3. Store Tiny Bits and Bobbles

If you’re a frequent do-it-yourself, you’ve probably accumulated quite the array or supplies. Bobbins, beads, buttons, stamps and the list could go on and on. Consider utilizing those unused ice cube trays that are probably just sitting in your freezer. This is an extremely convenient (and cheap) solution for keeping things organized, especially if your other storage containers are filling up fast as they tend to do. Via Handi Quilter.

Crochet in comfort

4. Knit and Crochet in Comfort

Get excited for school supplies again and prepare for some reminiscing. Personalize your knitting needles or crochet hooks with pencil grips. The added diameter will keep your hands from cramping, and the fun patterns and colors will add a touch of personal flair. Via Crochet Concupiscence.

DIY Stamp

5. DIY Stamps

There are several ways to make your own homemade stamps. One of which we all learned, once upon a time, in elementary school: a potato. This is still a viable option, but if you’d rather not waste food just for crafts try using a piece of Styrofoam instead. The lid of a takeout box will work just fine. Cut out the center and size as necessary, sketch your design onto the Styrofoam with pencil, cover in paint and apply the stamp to paper, cardstock or the desire material. Via Coisas Que Gosto.

Let us know in the comments below if you have used any of these craft hacks, or have developed any hacks of your own. We’d love to hear them!