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Girl's Night In: Baked Pear Dessert

By Gina Souders

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GinaAs you may have read in a previous post (Girl’s Night In: Coriander Fruit Dip) I’m always looking for great hostess recipes. My recent endeavor: baked pears.

Recently, I stumbled upon the food and photography blog Honey and Jam. There are so many things about this blog that I love: the beautiful photography, the southern inspiration, the author's love of gardening and farmer’s markets, and all of the delicious recipes tested and shared with its readers.

As I sifted through the author's archive of blogs I found a recipe for Delightful Baked Pears. I thought that this sounded like the perfect treat to prepare for my girlfriends next time I host our Monday night girl’s night in.


The recipe is so simple. (Click here for the full recipe: Delightful Baked Pears.) You simply mix flour, oats, brown sugar, unsalted butter, slivered almonds and cinnamon together. Next, you top off your pears, which should be cut lengthwise, with the mixture. Last, you bake the pears then serve with honey. (Read more about making herb-infused honey.)

These ingredients offer a myriad of health benefits. Cinnamon is considered a warming agent, a remedy for diarrhea, gastrointestinal spasms and gas. It also has been found to lower blood pressure in a past study. Honey also is known as a healthful ingredient. It has been deemed a wound healer, a bacteria fighter and an antioxidant powerhouse.

Although I haven’t made this for my girlfriends yet, my husband and I indulged in the fruity delight and absolutely loved it. It’s just so easy.

My photos didn't turn out as beautiful as the photos on Honey & Jam.
But the pears were still delicious.

What are your favorite ways to bake pears? What simple, easy dishes do you recommend I whip up next time I host girl’s night in? Send me your suggestions at and I might publish your recipe in an upcoming post. Or leave me a comment below. (It’s simple. I swear!)