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5 Reasons to Ride a Bike Today

Cycling is a simple pleasure, on that we can all agree. But did you know that bolstering your brain, your body and the environment is as easy as riding a bike? You’ve heard of “super foods?” Well, biking is “super fitness.” Commuting by bike instead of car for just 30 minutes a day can make a profound difference in not only your health, but the health of your entire community. Read on to become inspired to make pedal-pushing a part of your daily routine. Then visit My City Bikes to find your nearest local cycling app with beginner-friendly rides.

Reasons To Ride A Bike 

1. Find a Pollution Solution

Commuters who bike are exposed to fewer toxic pollutants, such as benzene and NO2, than those who commute by car or bus. Many potential bike commuters are concerned that being on the road and out of a car means more exposure to air pollution, but studies show the opposite is true. Cyclists are exposed to less pollution than passengers in motor vehicles.

2. Make Life Greener

During its lifetime on the road each car will produce nearly 1.3 billion cubic yards of polluted air and scatter an additional 40 pounds of worn tire particles, brake debris and worn road surface into the atmosphere. Swap that car out for a bike—even just one day a week—and you’re saving yourself and the people living in your community from a significant amount of emissions and toxic particles. 

3. Burn the Right Kind of Fuel

Riding a bike at a moderate speed burns about 472 calories per hour, while driving the same distance burns just 148 calories per hour. Commuting by bike is a green way to get your daily exercise while moving from Point A to Point B.

4. Be Bike Strong

Commuters who opt for a bicycle instead of a car tend to have healthier levels of key cardiovascular health markers such as HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, regardless of how much exercise they do the rest of the day. Biking is also a low-impact activity, which makes it a safe choice for those with joint issues or arthritis.

5. Love Your City

One of the most common side effects of biking regularly is appreciating your surroundings in a whole new and positive way. Trade rush hour traffic for a round trip bike ride and you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise! A 30-minute round trip bicycle commute is associated with better mental health, and multiple surveys of bike commuters have found that they were more satisfied with their commute if they cycled than if they drove or took transit—even in the winter months!

My City Bikes is the official beginner biking resource. The public-health project benefits communities across the U.S. by providing simple mobile resources that support and encourage cycling. Whether for fun, fitness or transportation, My City Bikes is a definitive guide to each participating community's biking opportunities. Visit