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10 Solutions for the Perfect Stress-Free Environment

By Miles Young

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Our homes can serve as a utopia for our often busy and action-packed lifestyles. Home is a reflection of what's important to us and who is important to us, as well as indicative of our personal style and preferences, according to Robi Ludwig, a nationally known psychotherapist. It’s here that we spend an important part of our day, which is why it has such a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves.

In a very stimulated and sometimes stressful world, we need our home environment to be the place where we can take both personal and physical refuge; a stress-free environment. It’s here that we can balance ourselves and our psyches because our home is the place where we can relax, regroup and reinforce the best part of ourselves. It’s the first place we want to go when we need to renew our sprit.  

Transforming our homes into this stress-free, utopian zone might sound challenging, but it’s highly doable and vital for our mental and physical well being. Multiple studies show how even the smallest positive lifestyle change can help us to relax, take better care of ourselves and reduce our stress levels. These changes play a huge role in altering the quality of our lives for the better.

Fortunately, a lot of these healthful lifestyle changes are easily achievable. All it takes is a few deliberate and creative tweaks to turn our living space into a healthy place. And here are 10 easy tips to help you do just that: Turn your home into the stress-free, pleasing environment it can be.

Stress Free Environment 

1. Declutter and Simplify

Messy outside equals messy inside. Having a cluttered environment isn’t something that just lives in our home, it lives in our heads. A messy space impacts our self esteem. To successfully declutter and simplify, go through your home with an objective eye. Start with as little as five minutes a day. Get rid of what you don't need. Ask yourself, "Do I love it?" "Do I need it?" "Will I use it?" If the answer is "NO!", get rid of it!

2. Organize, Organize, Organize

The truth is, there's always going to be stuff that you just can't or don't want to live without, so you want to create the perfect organized space for these keepsakes; you don't want these much-loved mementos to pile up around you. Do whatever works for you to put them in attractive organizational baskets or drawer dividers, which will help create a neat space for your treasures. Just make sure whatever strategy you use, it looks appealing to you. There are so many options these days to get a modern and wonderful looking organization system. Have fun finding what works.

3. Toss the Negative

Sounds very intuitive, right? Some things around your home carry a negative memory. Whether it's a piece of art work, a gift from a negative person, or a purchase you associate with a dark time in your life, it may be time to let it go. Don't do this impulsively of course, but after you've assessed the memories, you need to make peace with it and discard it. Make this a physical clearing and a therapeutic opportunity for both your home and your psyche.

4. Create a Personal Touch

Your personal environment should reflect who you are as well as who you want to be. Add those photos of the people you love and who matter most to you. Include objects that encourage good feelings and good memories. Add artwork if it evokes positive thoughts, and don't forget to have fun splashing your personal sense of style around. 

5. Create Your Own Personal Sanctuary

Choose one space in your home that feels comfortable and is semiprivate. Once you locate this area, take it to the next magical level. Turn it into a place to exercise, do yoga, read a book or a place to meditate. Add plants, candles or favorite authors. Whatever you choose, make sure it's a place that allows you to be alone with your thoughts and more importantly allows you to have a Zen moment.

6. Treat Your Senses

Use colors to encourage relaxing and engender tranquil emotions. Comforting colors such as soft blues, beiges and greens are considered calming colors. Use comfortable furnishings, lighting, music and pleasant scents to stimulate your senses and thus your psyche in the most positive way.

7. Create a Sleep-Friendly Bedroom

Getting better sleep is a must if we are going to manage our stress levels and stay healthy. Cultivating good sleep habits requires a certain environment. Make sure this room is dark, cool and technologically free to promote a restful night's sleep. This will also help you start the following day in a bright way.

8. Healthy In, Healthy Out

Keep your home nutritionally healthy. Make sure it's filled with food that nourishes your mind and your body. We tend to eat what's around, so keep healthful foods nearby. It has often been said that you are what you eat. So, make sure these go-to-choices are good for you.

9. Create a People-Friendly Home

Part of living a healthful lifestyle includes developing a supportive social network. Make your home cozy and welcoming. Make it an atmosphere where you are proud to include your friends and family. Make your home a place where you can experience special and fulfilling life moments.

10. Highlight Empowering Words

Reading supportive words can shift your mind from a dark place to a positive place. Uplifting phrases help us to think in a more optimistic and encouraging way. Place these affirmations and strong, positive phrases all around your home. Feed your mind with elevating ideas and attitudes. Remember, we become what we think. So make those thoughts work for you.

Turning your home into a place of balance and harmony isn’t a new idea, but it's certainly a timeless one. Give yourself a gift. Apply these small changes, and see what happens to your life.

Just as it's important to build the proper physical foundation for your home, it's equally as important to build the proper emotional foundation for it. Now is the perfect time to reset your home to be a healthier and more nurturing environment. It’s time for you to make your home the happy haven you want it to be.

Miles YoungMiles Young is a freelance writer, designer and outdoorsman. He’s worked as a roof contractor and part-time engine mechanic. He spends his free time fishing and tinkering in his garage. You can follow him on Twitter @MrMilesYoung.