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10 Inspiring New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions that will help define their year and make the next year just a little bit better. This year, try out some of these resolutions that will not only help yourself, but the entire planet.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

1. Love more: Remind yourself each morning: Only love today. If this is the only resolution you make this year, you have done well. Each act you take, each person you greet, every word you say, do it with love. The love you share will radiate and spread and that is enough.

2. Be more authentic: If you dare to make a second resolution, take the time to be a more authentic you this year. Resolve to not be afraid of what other people may think of you, but just be yourself this year and you will shine.

Be Authentic
Photo by Kristy Severin

3. Buy with your heart: Making the choice to purchase with your heart this year will fulfill your moral integrity and speak volumes to companies selling their products. To be a consumer is to have a voice. Your purchases impact the outcome. By making a commitment to buy eco-friendly, fair trade, organic, natural, local, and in general more thoughtful purchases, your resolution can change the demand for suppliers. Buying ethically sound products tells companies that this is what we want and what we will tolerate as consumers. Making the resolution to buy less but higher quality products from the food we eat to the clothes we buy also sends a positive message to sellers impacting our planet and the people all around us.

4. Eat less meat: As resolutions should be positive, I will not delve into the astoundingly disturbing state of our meat industry, but rather resolve to take the time to find out where our meat and all food consumed comes from. How is it produced? What exactly are we eating? If the food we eat is not produced in a positive light, find food that does and eat that.

Whole Foods
Photo by Kristy Severin

5. Eat more whole foods: As a follow up of resolution #4, fresh fruits and vegetables in their natural state are whole foods that make us healthy. Legumes, nuts and grains, are also whole foods that will make us healthy and happy. Starting a garden is another great way to begin exploring the natural state of food and is a great introduction to eating more whole foods this year.

6. Laugh more: From movies and television to friends to finding humor in the everyday norms of life, laughing can help heal your soul and inspire others to share in your laughter.

Children Laughing
Photo by Kristy Severin

7. Help others in need: The joy of helping others is contagious and can help make you happier and healthier this year. Find a local charity in your community that may need volunteers or donations or even take the time to help a neighbor, friend or family member by doing something extra special this year and throughout the year.

8. Express gratitude more often: By telling the people around you how thankful and grateful you are for all the things they do in your life will make everyone feel happier and more at peace this year. Each day is a gift—cherish the people and moments in your life.

9. Do more physical activity and meditate often: Release the endorphins and mental chaos through mediation and physical activity. Take the time each day to stretch, rest, and workout.

10. Enjoy more music and take the time to dance: Lastly, if you have a radio, record player, iPod, or any musical device, turn up the volume and dance!

Cheers and love to everyone this year! Happy New Year!

Kristy SeverinKristy Severin is a mother of two, a certified art instructor, photographer, painter, writer and cook. She earned her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda, East Africa. Inspired daily by her children and love of the earth, you can find her fine art and writings at The Art of Green Living.