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Guide To Winter Health

Mother Earth Living's Guide to Winter Health

Winter is prime time for illness. Cold and flu germs, changing light and holiday stress can take their toll on the body. Stay healthy this winter with Mother Earth Living's Guide to Winter Health!

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Cold and Flu 

Cold and flu season goes hand-in-hand with winter. Avoid getting sick this year!

Immune Boosters 

Keep your immune system strong this winter with immune-supporting herbs.

15 Ways to Survive the Cold and Flu Season 

Bypass the cold and flu season this year with natural remedies, herbal supplements, TLC and a little common sense.

Natural Remedies for Nasal Congestion, Sore Throat and Aching Muscles 

Treat your cold and flu symptoms with basic ingredients from your pantry.

Super Diet, Super Immunity: Delicious Recipes for Immune Health 

Stay healthy this winter by revamping your diet to boost your immune system.

4 Health and Beauty Benefits of Honey 

Use honey to treat your coughs and colds, as well as minor scrapes and cuts.

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Sleep Well 

The changing seasons can have a negative affect on your sleep. Follow your body's natural inclination to hibernate with our tips for sleeping better.

6 Herbal Sedatives to Help You Fall Asleep Naturally 

Combat insomnia with these herbal sleep aids.

5 Foods to Help You Sleep Better 

Adjust your daily diet to sleep better at night.

5 Foods to Avoid for Better Sleep 

Make sure your diet isn't keeping you awake at night. Avoid these foods!

Crash Course: Bedroom Tips for a Better Night's Sleep 

Having trouble sleeping at night? Your bedroom could be the culprit. Check these trouble spots.

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Mental Health 

Winter's changing light can take its toll on your mental health. Don't give in to the winter blues—learn how to keep your spirits high!

Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder 

Winter's cold, short days can leave you with the blues. Learn how to naturally fight Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Treating Depression Naturally 

If winter has you feeling down, check out the Therapeutic Lifestyle Change program's natural approach to treating depression.

Improve Your Mood: 5 Habits to Make You Feel Happier 

Banish bad moods by eating right, exercising and changing your daily habits. Follow these five steps.

Good Sources of Vitamin D 

Fight seasonal depression and maintain good mental health by getting enough vitamin D.

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5/21/2014 7:44:41 AM
A couple of years ago my best friend gave me and advice that I follow each year: in the winter season I take natural supplements like minerals and vitamins and this helps me to avoid getting sick. The last winter I had no health problems, except when my doctor told me I had to take some tests at the clinic, fortunately the test results were good and I could go on a ski vacation with my family.

1/4/2014 12:45:37 AM
Depression is not good for personality, but you can get rid of it, in easy ways. The best of them is to hire some good with amazing results.

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