Natural Home Show House 2009
Karen and Griz Adams' Green Home in Boerne, Texas

Natural Home Show House 2009 Drawing

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As water becomes in short supply and energy prices continue to soar, Griz and Karen Adams decided to build a green house in Boerne, Texas. The Natural Home Show House 2009 provides a model for how to build a practical yet sustainable green home. The construction of the new home began in September 2008 and is scheduled for completion in June 2009. The home features building innovations and materials that make a huge impact in water and energy conservation.

The house, designed by Boerne architect Ben Adam, AIA, and being built by Bob Mial, owner of Eco•Home of Fredricksburg, Texas, is a traditional two-story hill country rock and stucco home that makes the most of its natural surroundings with several twists, including:

• Passive solar design

• Geothermal heating and cooling by WaterFurnace, with duct work within conditioned space

• Super energy-efficient insulation package featuring Optima insulation and high-performance wood windows

• Metal roof that has high reflectivity and ability to trap and feed rain water easily

• Complete water harvesting system for all potable water needs

• Passive solar hot water heating by Solahart

• Graywater reuse system for land irrigation

• Use of pervious concrete to help contain run-off and help recharge soil

• Native landscaping with trees that form wind breaks and a small garden that provides fresh fruit, herbs and flowers for homeowners

• Ultra water and energy-efficient Miele appliances as well as Kohler low-flow toilets, shower fixtures and a waterless urinal

• Interior products that have high recycled content and have low or no VOCs, such as Cambria quartz countertops, Sherwin-Williams paint, FSC-certified cabinets and NaturalLee furnishings

When the homeowners conducted their pre-construction charrette, the estimated annual monthly electric bill, including heating and air conditioning, was projected at approximately $100 for a 3,500 square foot home. 

For folks wanting in-depth information about a particular technology, process or product used, the Adamses are working with the Cibolo Nature Center to conduct a Green Building Workshop slated for November 15, 2008 at the nature center.  

They also have a one-week open house planned for summer 2009 showcasing all of the products, materials, processes and innovations so folks can get a first-hand look at how easy and rewarding it is to build green. 

“Our goal is to share best practices so that more and more folks will use some of these techniques,” Karen Adams says.  “If we can make a small impact here in the Hill Country in terms of conserving resources, we feel like it is all worth it." 

The home is slated to be featured on the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) website as a case study with specific details about the home following construction. It will also be featured in Builder/Architect and is being considered for San Antonio’s AIA home tour for fall 2009. The home is on track for LEED Platinum certification.

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