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by Michelle Schoffro Cook
Item # 7171

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 9780738217369

Pages: 320

Copyright Year: 2014

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Detoxify! Cleanse! Avoid processed foods! Detox regimens have never been more popular. But they’re not always easy or completely healthy. In fact, many are arduous, lengthy, costly, and minimally effective. Now, natural health and wellness expert Michelle Schoffro Cook offers a new approach to purifying your body. In Dr. Cook’s quiz, she helps you pinpoint which areas of your health and body need attention. Then she offers targeted two–day tune–up plans. Sample spa–like weekend itineraries include Health Transformation, Lymphomania, Kidney Flush, Colon Cleanse, Skin Rejuvenation, and Fat Blast. These mini–detoxes help you to reset your natural body chemistry, which can go haywire from environmental toxins and the standard American diet.

Each Weekend Wonder Detox plan features delicious, toxin–busting superfoods; gentle herbal remedies; and system–balancing spa therapies that will help you leave lethargy behind, shed excess weight, and reduce skin outbreaks. They’ll have you feeling great in a matter of days.

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