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by L. Fredericks, M. Sanchez
Item # 6767

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 9781592335503

Pages: 208

Copyright Year: 2013

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Parents today struggle on a daily basis to feed their families a healthy diet. Time constraints, picky eaters, fast food, and children who beg for foods linked to superheroes and the promise of toys and prizes make preparing meals a challenge. Now comes Get Your Family Eating Right!, a book that provides a practical and creative approach for parents as they cook healthy dinners and make a delicious, lifelong habit of picking healthy food choices.

Authors Lynn Fredericks and Mercedes Sanchez reveal a framework for success, centered on following four simple rules:

  • Enjoy meals at the table together
  • Cook meals at home
  • Use fresh ingredients
  • Let everyone help
These goals are simple, yet so challenging for modern families. Get Your Family Eating Right! coaches parents to make critical shifts that will create a foundation for achieving these aims. Example tactics include planning meals around seasonal foods, making your kitchen a family retreat, and exploring the world's cuisines. In all, Fredericks and Sanchez provide 30 steps (with recipes and meal concepts) that the whole family will enjoy … young children, teenagers and adults alike. Along the way, their book emphasizes the importance of having children and family members in the kitchen at mealtime to help or watch, as well as strategies for continuing to explore the value of food beyond its nutrients. Readers might be inspired to reclaim their family's gastronomic heritage and explore new ones, or to use the seasons to guide their choices about which fruits and vegetables will make it onto the table at each meal. Day by day, each strategy includes mouthwatering, family-friendly recipes that allow you to put these steps into practice right away, ensuring they become healthy habits.

Whether you think your family's eating needs a major overhaul or a minor readjustment, Get Your Family Eating Right! is the roadmap for putting your family back on course and allowing them to adopt and appreciate the changes for a lifetime!

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